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20181012 092020

The "Tiny Articles" area is for digging deeper and uncovering. Whether you want to write essays, op-eds, think-pieces or make lists, on your favourite music or film productions, an author or filmmaker, videogames or books, animators, etc., this is the place. (Reserved only for registered members. Register a free account now and start posting and share with our users and your friends!)


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  • Another 10 Foreign Language TV Shows To Binge Watch

    AAAAANNNNNND I’m back with another top 10 foreign language TV shows to binge watch list for y’all and this time we’re all about those really good and really addictive, super binge watchy shows that will have you gagging. This time we have murder, time travel, serial killers, hitman, gays and a whole lotta drama…

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  • Fun With Names: Kurosaki Ichigo (黒崎 一護)

    Welcome to Fun With Names, where I slash open anime names in order to explore their relevance in context! Today's Fun With Names features BLEACH protagonist, Kurosaki Ichigo. Being one of the legendary Shounen Jump "Big Three", BLEACH and its characters are quite popular among anime fans new and old and its main character, Kurosaki Ichigo, finds himself in truly special company both within his own universe, as well as within the Shounen genre.

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  • The Favourite Flaunts Flawlessness

    There’s a lot to be said about The Favourite but one word sums it up: brilliant. Periodic films are usually a bore fest unless one is truly passionate about theatre and the plot. This type of genre is traditionally known for difficult English accents, mostly mumbling, which without subtitles would be difficult to fathom. Such films are also popularly known for the exquisite costumes and politeness exhibited which for the modern world is out of touch- the millennial generation made fashion trends out of hobo attire and rudeness, online and in real life, an aspiration but I digress.

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  • 10 Foreign Language TV Shows To Binge Watch

    I’m back with another top 10 list for y’all and this time we’re all about those foreign language TV shows that are so good and juicy that you can’t help but binge watch the entire season in one go. On this list you’ll see shows about creepy neighbours, zombies, spies, and so on and so forth…

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  • Fun With Names: Nanika/Alluka (ナニカ/アルカ)

    After thirteen episodes of Fun With Names, I took a long break to focus on other things. I was also very lazy, but enough honesty, more nomenclature! Welcome to Fun With Names, where I take apart the various names in anime in order to expose their hidden meaning and relevance to their source! Today, I'll literally be dissecting the Hunter x Hunter character Alluka Zoldyck and her mysterious alter-ego, Nanika.

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  • The Dawn Hunters (Podcast Trailer)

    When a thick fog carrying sinister forces—a swarm of infective insects—fails to lift after three weeks, a group of small town residents band together to fight the viral plague to prevent a global epidemic and dystopian future.


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  • Top 5 “New” R&B/Soul EPs Right Now

    Sometimes, nothing gets a millennial off faster than the persuasion of a sultry voice over a moody 808. If you fit into this typecast, I have some sweet and heartsick, rainy weather jams for you below.



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  • The Shape of a Villain

    The Shape of water is an engrossing film with an unusual storyline. The film takes place at period of time in the USA when differences of race, gender and sexuality were volatile. The running theme is “othering” of blacks, women, homosexuals and so-called foreigners.

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  • Blindspotting Has Its Own Blind Spots

    Blindspotting is an artistic response to the Black Lives Matter movement, gentrification, identity and self-reflection in the USA. Daveed Diggs and Rafeal Casal’s chemistry plays well with the contrast of the main subject matter.

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  • Why Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movies Aren't As Well-Watched as They Should Be

    Movies are wonder and both true escapism and a reflection of what it is to be human. You'd imagine fantasy movies being the ultimate experience and go-to for movie-goers, as they contrast our core morality of being human against the expansiveness of our imagination, and intrigue of what lies beyond.

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