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20181012 092020

The "Tiny Articles" area is for digging deeper and uncovering. Whether you want to write essays, op-eds, think-pieces or make lists, on your favourite music or film productions, an author or filmmaker, videogames or books, animators, etc., this is the place. (Reserved only for registered members. Register a free account now and start posting and share with our users and your friends!)


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  • Top 5 “New” R&B/Soul EPs Right Now

    Sometimes, nothing gets a millennial off faster than the persuasion of a sultry voice over a moody 808. If you fit into this typecast, I have some sweet and heartsick, rainy weather jams for you below.



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  • The Shape of a Villain

    The Shape of water is an engrossing film with an unusual storyline. The film takes place at period of time in the USA when differences of race, gender and sexuality were volatile. The running theme is “othering” of blacks, women, homosexuals and so-called foreigners.

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  • Blindspotting Has Its Own Blind Spots

    Blindspotting is an artistic response to the Black Lives Matter movement, gentrification, identity and self-reflection in the USA. Daveed Diggs and Rafeal Casal’s chemistry plays well with the contrast of the main subject matter.

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  • Why Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movies Aren't As Well-Watched as They Should Be

    Movies are wonder and both true escapism and a reflection of what it is to be human. You'd imagine fantasy movies being the ultimate experience and go-to for movie-goers, as they contrast our core morality of being human against the expansiveness of our imagination, and intrigue of what lies beyond.

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  • Fun With Names: Kuchiki Rukia (朽木ルキア)

    Welcome to Fun With Names, where I will be picking apart the names in anime to find their hidden meanings and significance. Today, after a fairly long hiatus, Fun With Names will zoom in on Kuchiki Rukia, one of my favourite characters from my favourite anime/manga - BLEACH. The character is quite popular among fans of the series and her creation predates that of any other BLEACH character. Trivia aside, Tite Kubo has a poetic approach to his creations which gives each element a hidden beauty that can be discerned with a little bit of effort. The names of his characters are no exception.

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  • The Dark Knight Rises: A Perfect End

    Nolan's Batman trilogy has no doubt brought with it a new perspective of superhero movies where the genre is pushed into more serious, gritty territories than ever before. Nolan's crime epic is undoubtedly a gamechanger. Before the trilogy, superhero movies weren't as big and well-regarded as they became after Nolan grounded the genre, bringing a more realistic, worldly feel to it than just another boom-bam, fight-scene infested, trunks and colourful constume wearing event.

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  • Spooks, Blood and Cheap Thrills: 10 Horror Movies for Halloween

    It's that time of year again where everyone gets to indulge in an obscene amount blood and gore visuals that come in the form of feature length films to celebrate the very spooky and blood-pumping holiday distinguishingly called Halloween. Get your Jack-o-Lanterns, masks and white-table-cloths ghost constumes out and ready because it's time to dive into a spooky real where screams and queens are the only currency.

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  • Fun With Names: Yukinoshita Yukino (雪ノ下 雪乃)

    Welcome to Fun With Names, where I take apart the names of characters, places, concepts, etc. in anime to show how they connect to their respective universes! Today, we'll be looking at Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru (My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong, As I Expected) character Yukinoshita Yukino, one of the three main characters of the series. Since the full name is a total mouthful, I'll be using the alternative name, Oregairu, in reference to the anime. A quick note - when referring to Japanese names, I keep the naming convention as is, so the family name will come before the character's given name whenever I refer to the character with her full government name. This anime has a few characters who, like Yukino, have their first name in their surname, as you may have noticed.

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  • 10 Movies You Should Be Watching About Demons.

    Ah demons my favourite creations from he who shall not be named, demons are kind of like a staple now in supernatural horror films and some none horror movies and in every decade they always find a way to reinvent themselves within cinema and get a new generation of fans from cinema goers. So today I’ll be recommending TEN movies that deal with DEMONS (p.s. some of these movies might not be so well known so I encourage you to give them a try)

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  • Fun With Names: Esdeath

    Welcome to Fun With Names, where anime names get broken down to reveal some form of shining brilliance! Today, we look at the ice-princess herself, Akame ga KILL!'s Esdeath! The play on words that the name "Esdeath" is, is quite a simple one as far as Japanese is concerned and it follows the same pun blueprint as the series' title (which I may or may not break down at some point in the future). The anime is notorious for its treatment of its characters, but I won't say much in order to preserve the sense of novelty for those who haven't seen Akame ga KILL!.


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