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20181012 092020

The "Tiny Articles" area is for digging deeper and uncovering. Whether you want to write essays, op-eds, think-pieces or make lists, on your favourite music or film productions, an author or filmmaker, videogames or books, animators, etc., this is the place. (Reserved only for registered members. Register a free account now and start posting and share with our users and your friends!)


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  • Film Appreciation Episode 3: The Talkies Era and the Universal Monster.

    Alright I know it’s been a while but “Film Appreciation” is back with another episode and this time we’re looking at the transition to sound and the universal monster, which roughly began in the late 20’s and early 30’s. Don’t get me wrong sound was around at the time but no one was really doing it until 1927 when The Jazz Singer was the first film to be presented as a “talkie”, meaning The Jazz Singer has the privilege of being the first film to fully utilize synchronized dialogue.

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  • Filmmaking for Newbies: Issue 002

    The second segment of the journey into cinema and filmmaking. In this issue we focus on two topics that I usually get asked about; "what exactly is cinematography?" and "is there really a difference between RomComs and Chick Flicks?" Well, I've finally got the answers in written form!

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  • The World of Cinema: Escapism or Insight?

    I've long learnt that the pinnacle of cinema is to help remember and forget joys and traumas all the same. That's a derivation from pre-teen me. Fast forward years later and I still believe in this founding statement. Cinema is first a mirror to reality and a glimpse at imagined realities thereof.

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  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse—Into Modern Childhood

    Miles is shown in the context and in contrast of Peter Parker. The hero most of us grew up on, the hero who always gets back up no matter how many times he falls.

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  • Filmmaking for Newbies: Issue 001

    I've often been asked about how someone can get a foot in into "Film Twitter" or just being a film enthusiast in general. And I think the answer is simple; have genuine love for movies, do your research, write down everything you can and learn from others. I know some people may not know where to even begin, though, so here's a very simple "starter" series that might help you equip yourself with basic knowledge on your way to "film buff" status.

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  • How Are Gambling Movies Affecting the Gambling Image?

    By considering this info, we can see that gambling movies became popular only after World War 2. Before that, in the period between 1908 and 1930, only six films were made on this topic. How has this affected the opinion of the general public?

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  • Queer Cinema’s Marco Berger.

    Queer cinema, specifically Latin American queer cinema is filled with talented filmmakers whose films explore the complexities of the queer individual/community. However there is one filmmaker who has made a crop of films that often mix the exploration of sexuality and tension perfectly and that filmmaker goes by the name of Marco Berger.

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  • Egress Means Exit, Exit Means Begin Again

    Adventure Time is known for its uniquely strange, inexplicable, symbolism-rich surrealist tendencies, but Hall of Egress is unique in these regards even within this canon. In it, Finn is trapped in his most most daunting dungeon crawl yet as he must escape a maze that doesn't end when he leaves the dungeon. The concept is presented abstractly enough that it has spawned dozens of entirely valid [i][/i]interpretations, so I am merely throwing my beanie into the ring. I believe Hall of Egress preludes Finn's character arc as Adventure Time enters its endgame phase.

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  • 12 Anticipated Book Adaptations Starring High-Profile Actors 2019

    There are truly fewer things more satisfying than seeing an author's imagination come to, so I'm always excited to see big screen adaptions especially when some of my favourite actors and filmmakers are involved in these anomalous projects. This seems to be shaping up to be quite the year for contemporary book adapations. Netflix is leading the charge with four humble adaptations on the way, while HBO partners with leading indie film studio A24 to bring to life one of the most influential Black literary pieces.

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  • ’Zog’ to screen as opening night film at Cape Town International Animation Festival

    Proudly presented by Animation SA, The Cape Town International Animation Festival (CTIAF) kicks off this Friday, 8 March 2019, with the African premiere of Zog, Triggerfish’s latest BBC Christmas special with Magic Light Pictures. Voice talent includes Kit Harington, Lenny Henry and Tracey Ullman.

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