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10 “Zompocalypse” Movies to Watch

AAAAANNNNNND I’m back with another top 10 watch list for y’all and this time it’s all about ZOMBIES, one of my favourite sub genres of the horror genre. I tried to fill this list with some imaginative films I’ve seen and would like you to watch.


And let’s start with #10 shall we?!

#10. One Cut of the Dead.

Shinichirou Ueda’s film follows a director and his crew on their set for the zombie film that they’re shooting but things go to hell when actual zombies appear at the location and of course the director doesn’t yell cut because the show must go on. One Cut of the Dead is funny and has ZOMBIES but it’s the single take sequence will have you drooling.

#9. Rampant.

This South Korean film is a period piece that sees a prince return to his kingdom only to find it ravaged by zombies that only come out during the night time (vampires much?). The film is one part zombie fiction, and one part political drama, as politics and zombies come head to head. Kim Sung-hoon’s film might even serve as a prequel/sequel to Netflix’s Kingdom which follows a similar plot

#8. Seoul Station.

I was going to put Train to Busan on the list which is top 5 greatest zombie movies ever made but instead I want for the equally as great prequel. The film boasts some great animation and a script that keeps on building the tension. The film plays like a drama about a young girl trying to find her way in the world after becoming a prostitute and it’s also plays like a really good survival film and Yeon Sang-ho couldn’t resist throwing in some social commentary in the mix about how homeless people are viewed.

#7. Les Affamés.

Also known as Ravenous this flick follows a group of people who must survive a plague that’s turning people into zombies. The film is intense and unsettling providing some awesome survival movie content. This movie is really those stressful movies that will have you on edge, if you love zombie films watch this ASA

#6. Colin.
Alright this extremely low budget zombie film from Marc Price might not be the best of the bunch but it provides us with the zombie POV (which we previously saw in Return of the Living Dead 3 and briefly in [ • REC]³: Génesis) but what Colin lacks in scars and gore it makes up for it with its style and sympathetic approach to the zombie

#5. [ • REC]³: Génesis.

If you haven’t figured it out by now that I love the [ • REC] franchise well now you know, out the four films we have two really great ones, one we don’t talk about and one that’s just okay. This one is one of the great ones. Set at a wedding Genesis follows the bride and groom as they fight through an onslaught of zombies to find each other and hey guess what? These zombies are actually made by a demonic worm so praying during this zombie apocalypse actually helps.

#4. The Serpent and the Rainbow.

Horror icon Wes Craven directs one of his most underrated works (and you can correct me if I’m wrong). This 1988 film stars Bill Pullman who tries to find out about a drug that turns people into zombies, he does this while the country is in turmoil and oh the zombies are being controlled by voodoo. The film is violent, scary, and brilliant and deserves to be considered as some of Wes’ finer works.

#3. 28 Days Later.

This one is a classic, turning the zombies from supernatural waking dead to raging virus filled monsters. Danny Boyle’s film is the gold standard when it comes to zombie films. 28 Days Later has everything from terror, a collapsing society, amazing visuals, fantastic performances and a great score. The zombies are brutal but hey survival is also brutal.

#2. Deadgirl.

The 2008 film is very dark sided, it follows two teenage boys who find a naked female zombie tied to a table and friendship becomes tested when one wants to keep the zombie as a sex slave and the other objects. The film is very uncomfortable which makes a great horror film, it’s an extremely disturbing take on the male gaze, very misogynistic and a film that deserves to be up there with Trauma and A Serbian film as one the most disturbing films ever.

#1. Anna and the Apocalypse.

My #1 is this Christmas movie that also happens to be a musical and oh the film takes place during a zombie apocalypse. The characters are fighting zombies, singing their hearts out and finding themselves in this brand new world. Anna and the Apocalypse is imaginative with an emotional core fit for a Christmas movie.

Okay that’s it, watch these and let me know what you think, be sure to be on the lookout for more lists.

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