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10 Movies You Should Be Watching About Demons.

Ah demons my favourite creations from he who shall not be named, demons are kind of like a staple now in supernatural horror films and some none horror movies and in every decade they always find a way to reinvent themselves within cinema and get a new generation of fans from cinema goers. So today I’ll be recommending TEN movies that deal with DEMONS (p.s. some of these movies might not be so well known so I encourage you to give them a try)

Let’s Begin shall we?

10. It Follows.
This 2014 supernatural horror film is directed by David Robert Mitchell and it follows a young girl who must evade a supernatural entity that started following her after she had a sexual encounter. I mean if demons can possess an idea (thank you Truth or Dare) why not have it possess sex! This film is pretty amazing and it creates this fear about reckless sex and STD’s that you might want to stay away from sex for a while.

9. [REC] 4: Apocalypse.
The finale in the Spanish horror franchise [REC] is directed by Jaume Balaguero who directed the first and second [REC] films and what started out has a franchise of zombie movies actually turned out to be about demonic possession. In the first few films we were kinda lead to believe that a virus was to blame for the zombie outbreak and to some extant its true but it’s not just any virus, it’s a demonic virus from a demonic parasitic worm. What a way to end your franchise huh?!

8. The Heretics.
Directed by Chad Archibald The Heretics features a woman who escaped a cult that tried to sacrifice her and now a year/s later she’s taken again but this time she’s told that it’s for her protection, from what you ask? Well turns out the cult did succeed in sacrificing her and now a demon grows within this woman is slowly taking over her body.

7. A Dark Song.
So this movie from Liam Gavin might not feature much demons except towards the end where they make themselves known and they try to kill our lead. This film relies heavily on our inner/personal demons because director Liam Gavin knows that emotional horror is much scarier. When the film becomes about humans and their reaction towards pain, love and loss it truly becomes a horror, a masterpiece at that.

6. Pyewacket.
Okay so you’re an angry teen who decides to turn to the dark arts to kill your mother, I mean what could go wrong right? EVERYTHING! Adam MacDonald’s masterpiece of a horror film shows us just how far we’re willing to go in the heat of the moment and why I keep saying that demons need to break you emotionally and mentally before actually taking you. Pyewacket not only tortures your mind and emotions but that third act tortures everything and it’s damn scary!

5. Evil Dead (2013).
So you and your friends take your younger sister to a cabin in the woods so that she can overcome her heroin addiction, your friend finds a book called the Naturom Demonto and reads from it and summons demons to kill everyone in the most gruesome way possible, and do you think you’ll make it out alive? I doubt it, Evil Dead is a horrific cinematic experience and I mean that in a good way. Evil Dead also serves as a reboot of the original The Evil Dead film and continuation of the franchise.

4. The Prince of Darkness.
This 1987 film is part of John Carpenter’s Apocalypse Trilogy and basically introduces Satan as a sentient liquid which might be of extraterrestrial origin. The film plays part science fiction and part fantasy and also introduces a greater demonic evil (anti-God) that might be Satan’s parent. The demons you ask? Well the liquid oozes out and starts possessing homeless people and others and that leads to one big showdown between good and evil. The 80’s were really wild huh!

3. The Nun/Hereditary.
I’m cheating here but I couldn’t decide between the two so I went with both. These two 2018 films both feature demons, The Nun’s Valak has invaded holy land and Hereditary’s Paimon invades Toni Collette’s family. The Nun going for a euro gothic atmosphere and basic jump scares for the regular Joe, Hereditary opts for a much deeper and emotional atmosphere with scares and shocks that just might kill you.

2. Possession.
Possession is a cult classic that features one of the best horror performances ever, Isabelle Adjani truly shines in Andrzej Żuławski masterpiece. The film not only plays with your mind but it’s also pretty to look at, some who have seen the film might argue with me and say I can’t be sure that a demon was involved but how else would won describe the chaotic and demonic actions of Adjani’s character? oh and that doppelganger?

1. Demon.
This 2015 polish film might play like a dramedy at first viewing but after a few viewings you truly get that the late Marcin Wrona made a film that’s about personal demons as it is about the literal entity that has taken over Peter’s body on a wedding night. This horror film is based on a Jewish legend and its even scarier when you think about how it’s actually saying that the actions of a past generation can come back and destroy our lives even from the beyond.

This my list, you guys should share your top 10 and let’s spread the joys of cinema!

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