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10 Foreign Language TV Shows To Binge Watch

I’m back with another top 10 list for y’all and this time we’re all about those foreign language TV shows that are so good and juicy that you can’t help but binge watch the entire season in one go. On this list you’ll see shows about creepy neighbours, zombies, spies, and so on and so forth…

Let us begin shall we?!

#10. When Heroes Fly.
This Israeli series follows Aviv and his three friends as they try to find and rescue the love of his life who he thought had died in a car crash years ago but it turns out that she’s still alive and is part of a cult based somewhere in South America. The series has lots drama and action with a cult involved in drugs, When Heroes Fly also deals with issues like PTSD and also Mr. Oded Fehr plays a baddie.

#9. The Bureau.
Some of you might know that I love a good espionage film or series so of course this French gem would make the cut. The Bureau follows French spies as they try to contain a situation that might harm French national security and also the series shows us the spies’ pre and post mission and how they deal with it all. Here we have espionage, and sexy French people what more do you want?

#8. The Swingers.
At #8 we have The Swingers, this Dutch series follows a couple who just lost their new born baby and move into a new neighbourhood, where they befriend a couple who live close by. Their new friends reveal that they’re swingers and as the season unfolds we learn that this drama is full of mystery, a tiny bit messiness and murder with a creepy neighbour that you’d not want to wish on your worst enemy. You will scream at the mess of episode 5 and 10.

#7. The Plague (La Peste).
This Spanish period piece follows a man with a tortured past who is hired by his late friend’s estate to find the friend’s bastard child and get him out of the city of Seville that is being destroyed by the plague. The series shows us just how corrupt people are and how greedy they can be plus the church is not really helpful at all, so of course there’s going to be some good drama.

#6. HaMidrasha (Mossad 101).
This series follows a group of people who attend a Mossad training camp, here they learn the tricks and trade that make one a good spy. Add some splash of comedy, a bit of action sequences and some drama and you a really good shows about spies. The lies, the secrets and the intrigue this show has it all.

#5. Missions.
This French sci-fi series follows a group of astronauts who lend on Mars and uncover some secrets about the origin of mankind. The show boasts great performances, CGI and score. The episodes are very short and get straight to the point, a very quick binge if you ask me and a must watch for all you sci-fi junkies.

#4. The Rain.
Imagine if rain could kill you? Well you don’t have imagine because this series shows you just how and nope it’s not mother nature trying to cleanse herself but it’s actually humans trying weaponize a virus. The Rain is a beautiful post-apocalyptic series that follows two siblings as they journey into the new world to find their father who might save the world (aka the man who ended it in the first place). Plus the soundtrack to this is amazing.

#3. Nobel.
Nobel hails all the way from Norway and follows a special ops soldier who is tricked into murdering a Taliban general, the soldier Erling then sets out on a “journey” to find out who really tricked him, there's also some stuff about peace and war blah blah blah. The series has probably one of the best build ups and pay offs I have ever seen on TV in a while. The writing, direction, performances, cinematography is just so brilliant and everyone needs to watch this.

#2. Kingdom.
#2 is a South Korean period piece that’s basically maybe my favourite zombie TV series right now (sorry Fear the Walking Dead). One part Game of Thrones and one part zombie horror, this series has it all from the battle for throne between a corrupt queen and the prince, to poor starving people eating an infected corpse that turns them into zombies by night. The series also explores class and how the rich are always will to sacrifice the poor just for survival.
#1. Norskov.
Norskov’s premise has been done before countless of times but what makes it standout is that Norskov is not about a crime that rocks a small community but it’s about the relationships and boy let me tell you, this is one of the best written crime shows I have ever watched. Simply because the decision to focus on the relationship dynamics of the characters has elevated this show to stand above the rest and you root for every character here even the messy criminals and junkie moms.

Okay that’s it, watch these and let me know what you think.

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